So tomorrow is New Years Eve and to be original (*cough cough*) I thought I would share a short reflection of my 2014 with you with 14 highlights

1. I started this blog! Though I set the bar a little too high at the start I love my little space on the internet. I love writing it and I hope to continue to use my little space on the internet in 2015.

2. I moved out of home… Scary and weird and cool and a million other things, but over all such an adventure. Living in Dunedin this year has definitely been an awesome adventure and I have learnt a lot about myself. I think the biggest thing I have learnt though was that I love my family so much. Even living in a different city they were never to busy to help or just have a chat. I can’t thank them enough for their support and love this year. So if you are reading, THANK YOU!!!! Mum, Dad and Pete.

3. I went Scuba Diving!!! That was an amazing experience! I cannot begin to describe how awesome it was. I wrote a whole post on it so check it out. But WOW! If you ever get the chance (even if you are terrified of water and swimming etc) do it! Face the fear and do it anyway, it will be worth it.


4. On the note of facing fears I also held a snake this year


I look happy… I was freaking out but wanted a nice photo.

5. ¬†Started and finished my first year of University. Uni is what made this year so good and I can’t wait for 2015 and year 2 to begin ūüôā

6. Completed the #100HappyDays Challenge. It is on my Instagram which is linked at the bottom of my blog if you would like to check it out. Such a great challenge to make yourself take time to see the happiness that surrounds you everyday.

7. Sticking with the Challenge theme, I did the Ice Bucket Challenge. The Kiwi Original Way where there are 3 buckets. You stand in one and the other two are tipped over your head then you tip the third on yourself. It was for a great cause and we had loads of fun doing it. (Not as bad a you think it is going to be)

8. I was replaced… not really. My family got a new puppy called Lola. Read all about her here.


She is super cute and loads of mischief and fun. Such a good addition to the family.

9. ¬†I turned 19! So old! Don’t even want to think about what is going to happen in 2015.

10. Speaking of growing up. I signed for a flat. So weird to grow up and my scribble on a piece of paper means something. It is moments like that where I wish I was still a kid and my biggest problem was what to eat for breakfast. But I am so excited for flatting in 2015. I am sure you will hear about our adventures and mishaps.

11. I Bungy Jumped


MOST AWESOME FEELING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Can you tell I loved it?)

12. Taking on CathSoc leadership with a team of 3 others. So excited for the opportunities that will bring. Stay tuned for more on that.

13. ROAD TRIP! Probably the best highlight. It was such an awesome week shared with the best friends. See some pics here…


Must do it again sometime.

14. FRIENDS!!! I have made so many new friends and old friends that have become better friends this year or friends that I go months without seeing and then it is like nothing has ever changed. Friends have made this year great and I can’t wait for more adventures with you all next year.

So that is just a snippet of my 2014. I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you in 2015.

Can’t wait!


From Christchurch to Nelson to Queenstown and back

Earlier this month I was blessed to go on the most wonderful road trip with four great friends. We took this road trip as a celebration of finishing our first year of Uni. Best decision ever!

We started the journey in Christchurch (New Zealand) and travel up to Nelson then down through Frans Joseph to Queenstown and back again.

We had such an awesome time and taking so many photos and being typical tourists. We are so lucky to have all the amazing scenery New Zealand’s South Island right at our door step.

Thank you Annie, Nina, Aston and Tyler for a wonderful trip. Here is a snap shot of what we got up to. Enjoy!



 Thanks for reading

See you again soon


Daddy’s little girl


I have spent the last few days with my Dad and it has been so fantastic. He is probably going to hate me for posting this photo but it is a rare occasion to get him in front of the camera so I am going to use it.

This photo was taken at the very top of one of Dunedin’s many hills with a beautiful view of Dunedin City and the Harbour/Port in the background. We have spent the last few days here and tomorrow morning Dad will leave and I will stay as I start Uni. I just wanted to say I HUGE THANK YOU! You have been so great to me over the last few days and my parents have been so supportive of me and I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am. I know I am going to miss you but I will be back up on Uni break before you know it.

I am super excited to begin this new chapter in my life and I am so grateful to you both, Mum and Dad. I love you both and I hope you enjoyed the last couple of days too. I will miss you.

See you tomorrow xx



This is Poppy! Poppy is my best friend in the world entire world (Sorry guys but she wins). Yesterday I was feeling homesick and missing the family. I messaged them and then I was on the phone chatt8ng away and beginning to feel better when they started talking about Poppy.

Poppy is a Westie. She is never actually white like she is meant to be. She is always excited to see you and even more excited when you pull out the lead or ask her if she would like to go for a walk. (It is the only phase she understands but she knows it very well.) Poppy is a great listener and gives awesome advice. She is always there for you when you are feeling down and she will give you lots of cuddles to make you feel better. She is super cute (as shown above) and I love her to bits. (Just in case you couldn’t tell already)

While talking to my family my brother tried to get Poppy to talk on the phone. (It was a fail but that is not the point.) My family then started telling me that “she misses you, you know.” It got me really emotional. They said that she got really excited when someone was staying in my room and she would sit outside the door waiting for me to come out, but I wasn’t there. She also curls up on my bed, right up by the pillow as if she can smell me and if my smell is there it is like I am there. She also got extremely confused when I was on the TV on Skype. She was looking behind the TV as if I was simply sitting in the wall. I miss her too.

I have been away once before and the best part of being away from her even though it breaks my heart that she misses me is her reaction when I get back. Last time she came to the airport and when I got in the car she was stunned. Then crazy excited! Once she had calmed down slightly she then sat on my knee and refused to move. Poppy does not sit on your knee in the car she permanently has her head out the window so for her to sit on my knee the whole time was quite a big deal. The rest of the day she kept coming and finding me like she was making sure I was really there. She is just too cute.

I wonder how she will react in a couple of weeks time???

See you tomorrow ūüôā


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