Finding Nemo

On Monday I went back out on the Great Barrier Reef 🙂 It was super exciting! I went out with Ocean Freedom again and we went to the Upolo Clay which is absolutely stunning.

I really loved it and if you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I went out on the reef at the beginning of January and my camera failed to work and so I had no proof (except a Dive Certificate) that I had actually been diving. This time I took some photos though they are pretty rubbish due to the fact I don’t own a underwater camera … 😦



This is me with all the gear on just before I jumped in. I only did one dive this time because it was the best dive ever and if I did another it would have just been disappointing. I was a lot more confident this time so I jumped in and swam to the bar without a hassle and did the snorkel clear and how to put your regulator back in. (That technique came in handy later on)

As we sank down I saw a Lion Fish

Then we saw millions of fish and I thought there was more than last time. They are so colourful and amazing. I felt like I was in a scene of Finding Nemo. Then, of course, we spotted the most famous fish on the reef. He is really little! But that just makes him cuter 🙂

Then we saw a reef shark!!! When the instructor signalled shark… I admit I was kinda freaking out but really the shark was only as long as my leg and it was just chilling on the sand. WOW! I saw a real life shark. Craziness!

It kinda of looked like this. Seeing this makes it much more scary though. … I was swimming with one of them. 

Then we saw a HUGE turtle (Turtles are my latest obsession) and he was just chilling on the coral eating a jellyfish. SO COOL! I swam right over the top of him and he just looked at me as if to say ‘Hey, how are ya?’

This isn’t the turtle but this is Leroy (I mentioned him in the previous post) I got a lot of pictures of him. He is super friendly and he loves all the tourists swimming around and following him taking photos and what not. He is awesome. He started the turtle obsession and he will forever be my favourite turtle. ❤ 



I tried to take some photos of the Coral on the glass bottom boat tour but it was almost a complete fail haha. Oh well. I will share the best of them with you any way 🙂




We saw a turtle at the edge of the boat and the driver tried to find it again and then yelled ‘There it is’ and threw this little critter out. Haha.


The Boat. As you can see the weather wasn’t great but hey, the fish don’t care. It was a great day and I am so glad I got some half way decent photos this time.

Thank you for reading. I hope you are having a wonderful day 🙂

See you tomorrow 🙂


Happy Australia Day!



Today I thought I do a bit of a diary post just because I had a great day and I want to share some of that with you. So my day started at 4am when my alarm went off. I then slept till 4.27am and freaked out as I had 13mins to get ready oh dear. But I made it to work on time and then I got to finish super early! I finished at 7.30am WHAT?!?!?!! I bet you were still in bed at 7.30 on a Sunday morning.

Next up I caught up on my favorite YouTube people’s. you should check out Casper Lee, Pointless Blog and Haute Brilliance’s new videos. ❤ They were my favorites.

Time to get my drawing skills out. Ha. Ha. Those skills do don’t exist. But my cousin thought my coloring in skills were amazing!

Followed by a morning swim and sunbathing session. Which meant I got really hot and so therefore needed to go for another swim 🙂 oh what a tough life. (By the way it is not even 12pm yet)

Then I went to a pie eating competition…. That was … Um … Strange and kind of gross. The guy ate 3 meat pies in 18seconds. What? Why would you do that? Why are there so many people wanting to do that? I just don’t understand! The kids enjoyed the Australia Day body painting though


Moving on. We went down to the esplanade where there were lots of things happening to celebrate Australia Day. There was this awesome shark sand sculpture.


And there was a zoo stand were I held a snake… Yes I held a snake. It was weird and smily but not. That doesn’t make any sense but that is the only way I can describe it. Smooth and soft and moves so easily. (It took me five minutes to actually hold it but hey I still did it)



Then we came home and made up some homemade cocktails. That was
fun! This was the product and it was delicious! MmmmMmmmm!!!!!

For dinner I made dumplings which I am quite proud of 🙂 don’t they look scrumptious!

Now I am sitting down and watching the Australian Open Final. Poor Nadal. If only he didn’t have back pain.
And that ladies and gentlemen was my day! It was very eventful. I hope you had a good day too.

See you tomorrow 🙂



This is Poppy! Poppy is my best friend in the world entire world (Sorry guys but she wins). Yesterday I was feeling homesick and missing the family. I messaged them and then I was on the phone chatt8ng away and beginning to feel better when they started talking about Poppy.

Poppy is a Westie. She is never actually white like she is meant to be. She is always excited to see you and even more excited when you pull out the lead or ask her if she would like to go for a walk. (It is the only phase she understands but she knows it very well.) Poppy is a great listener and gives awesome advice. She is always there for you when you are feeling down and she will give you lots of cuddles to make you feel better. She is super cute (as shown above) and I love her to bits. (Just in case you couldn’t tell already)

While talking to my family my brother tried to get Poppy to talk on the phone. (It was a fail but that is not the point.) My family then started telling me that “she misses you, you know.” It got me really emotional. They said that she got really excited when someone was staying in my room and she would sit outside the door waiting for me to come out, but I wasn’t there. She also curls up on my bed, right up by the pillow as if she can smell me and if my smell is there it is like I am there. She also got extremely confused when I was on the TV on Skype. She was looking behind the TV as if I was simply sitting in the wall. I miss her too.

I have been away once before and the best part of being away from her even though it breaks my heart that she misses me is her reaction when I get back. Last time she came to the airport and when I got in the car she was stunned. Then crazy excited! Once she had calmed down slightly she then sat on my knee and refused to move. Poppy does not sit on your knee in the car she permanently has her head out the window so for her to sit on my knee the whole time was quite a big deal. The rest of the day she kept coming and finding me like she was making sure I was really there. She is just too cute.

I wonder how she will react in a couple of weeks time???

See you tomorrow 🙂


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Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef

Before I begin to tell you about my AMAZING day on the reef I must first share with you some news that made me very sad. I borrowed a camera for the day and the photos I took on it did not save. Not even one which I am extremely gutted about so I can’t share them with you. I have found some photos online though that look very similar to what I saw and so I will include  them in this post instead. I hope to go out on the reef again before I leave Cairns and I will make sure that there are some photos definitely taken and saved then and I promise to share them with you all.

Yesterday morning at 7.30am I boarded the Ocean Freedom boat and headed off on a day trip to the reef.

The first stop for the day was at the Upolu Cay. Our first chance to see the reef here was in the glass bottom boat tour. This was a great way to have a glimpse at what you would later see snorkelling or scuba diving.

After that most people went snorkelling while waiting for their turn to dive. However, I did not. Why? You might ask. Well, you see, I am not the most confident person in the water and I don’t really like the idea of being pulled underwater by large weights. But honestly it just freaks me out. So instead of snorkelling I sat and watched. I now think that was stupid but I was so worked up about doing the dive that I was not thinking straight at all.

Then it was my turn to dive. I sat down put my fins on. (They were bright pink) and then the instructor fastened weights around my middle and then put the tank on my back. (At this point a very kind gentleman “took” some photos of me on the camera that did not save any photos…. anyway) I was then given a mask. Cleaned it out and watched as the rest of my group jumped in. By this point I had a racing heart and was extremely short of breath. As I attempted to stand up… DO YOU KNOW HOW HEAVY ALL THAT GEAR IS????… I shuffled over to the edge. Everyone could see how nervous I was and they all wished me luck.

As I stood with my feet on the edge of the boat I was in complete panic mode but somewhere inside me was a determination to do it. So I took and few deep breathes and took one big step forward. It helped that I was in a group of 3 with two instructors so some good looking dive instructor was waiting in the water for me to jump in and take me through the whole thing one step at and time. Suddenly I am surrounded by water and bubbles and I am holding onto a mask and regulator like my life deepens on it. Then I am no longer going down but bobbing back up to the surface. (Still freaking out) I choke on the air and struggle to breath. The instructor tells me that I did a perfect jump which helped my confidence at the time and I later realised that he is a professional dive instructor and knows all the right things to say so of course he built up my confidence. He then tells me to grab a bar at the back of the boat and slowly deflates my vest…

OH MY GOODNESS. There are two skills you have to complete to be able to dive. One is to empty your mask if it fills up with water and the other is to be able to out your regulator back if it falls out of your mouth. First up is the mask. Push down at the top and breath forcefully out of your nose. Easy. Second take your regulator out of your mouth…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I am freaking out about breathing under water as it is and you want me to take out the thing that is helping me breathe? Nevertheless I managed to do it. Instructor now there were two both clapped and asked if I was ok… NO! I wanted to go back up. They simply said no. I was stuck under water.

I had an instructor to myself because of my panicking. I eventually convinced him to let me return to the air. I caught my breath and slowed my breathing right down and was ready to go. Back down I went. Holding on to the instructors hand probably too tightly but I definitely wasn’t letting go. As we got deeper I began to relax. It was easier to breathe. I couldn’t feel the waves anymore and then it appeared.

Scenes like this appeared in front of me and it was amazing. We saw so many different fish and coral. It was breath taking. (I was actually reminded to breathe a couple times haha)

You are swimming along and then you are surrounded by a million of tiny fish in the most beautiful colours. There are fish of every colour swimming in and out of the coral. The coral is amazing too. The most fascinating shape and beautiful swaying movements are awesome. I especially liked the little “zebra fish” (my name for them because they are fish with zebra stripes). They were so cute and were not scary at all. I was so glad I jumped in.

That dive lasted about 25mins and it was truly magical. Weirdly enough I now wanted to go again that afternoon. So I climbed up out of the water and back onto the boat. I had a lunch made my a great catering company with this really nice girl working there for the summer. 😉 (Yours Truly)

Then we went to the new dive location called the Wonder Wall. All of a sudden I was gearing back up for my second dive. This time I was not quite as nervous. Still took my time to breath slowly before stepping off the boat. I knew this time that it would be better once I was a couple of metres underwater and to focus on my breathing.

This time we went straight down to the sandy bottom. Out of the sand a few metres away a sting ray was shaking the sand off of itself and then slowly swam away. WOW! We continued to see more of the reef and so many more fish. One was just a bit bigger than my hand and was white with yellow stripes along its back and multi-coloured stripes on its middle. So beautiful. This time I got to touch some coral and hold a few huge and beautiful star fish.

The dive ended in a moment that was probably the best part of the whole day for me. Meet Leroy the Green Sea Turtle.

 Isn’t he beautiful? He hangs out with the Scuba Divers and snorkelers daily and loves all the attention. As we slowly accessed to the boat we were spotted by Leroy who eagerly swam down to give us all a High Five. I can now say that I have high fived a turtle 🙂 How amazing is that? Then as I was attempting to put my flipper feet on the ladder to climb back up the cheeky turtle swims between me and the ladder giving me a fright but I guess it was his home I was standing in so he can swim where he wants when he wants.

I then sat on the front of the boat in the sun and enjoyed the view. I do have some photos of that though 🙂 Thanks to my iPod. YAY!


Beautiful and picture perfect!

Then as I was leaving the boat I got a certificate for completing my first dive. See I can prove I did actually do it.



I meet people from all around the world and had a great day. I would definitely go Scuba Diving and highly recommend Ocean Freedom. The crew were amazing and so kind throughout the day. I definitely want to get out on the reef again before my time in Cairns is up.

Thank you for reading that HUGE post!

See You Tomorrw 🙂


First Post

So this is it blog entry number one. This is the first post of my daily blog. I am challenging myself this year to write a post every day and using it as a way to share some of my thoughts with you. These posts will be on a wide variety of topics. (I will let you know what that includes when I know myself.) 

I am really looking forward to writing this and please give me feedback so that my posts are interesting for you to read … if anyone reads them. I am already behind which is typical Penny but I was without internet and so therefore I have legitimate excuse.

I started this blog using a different site and only just found this site which is heaps better so I will repost the posts I have made so far on this site today and from tomorrow onwards the posts will be daily.

See you tomorrow 🙂