Melted Snowman Biscuits

Today I made Melted Snowman Biscuits and they turned out to be the cutest things ever!

I got the idea from a Zalfie video (Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes) where they made them and I just had to give it a try. This is the result.


These are the ingredients I used. Wine Biscuits with icing in different colours and marshmallows.


Making icing!


I used traditional snowman colours of black and red but you could use any colours you wanted and they would look super cute.


This is my first attempt. He is a sad snowman. Zalfie made sad ones because they had melted so I tried that first but decided I liked the smiley ones better in the end because the holidays are about joy and love. Besides these snowmen may have been friends with Olaf and even though melting they were happy because some people are worth melting for. #frozenfan #Doyouwannabuildasnowman?


Smiley Snowmen!


Clearly I have a ton of artistic talent… haha (not)

Drum roll please……..





boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom

The Final Result!






This was such an awesome idea! Thank you Zoe and Alfie. I really enjoyed making them and it was a fun way to spend the evening and get a bit festive. I’ll post the video below so check it out and maybe give it a go yourself. 🙂