What are you going to do this year?

So it is 2015…


Twenty Fifteen

Two thousand and fifteen

I can’t really believe that it is here and already it is exceeding my expectations.

What are you planning on doing this year? Are you going on an exciting adventure? Are you working towards some sort of goal? Are you taking each day as it comes or are you planning your year out perfectly?

What am I going to do this year?

  • Work hard but enjoying the fun, crazy, silly, terrifying, joyful, heartbreaking moments that happen every day
  • Explore the beautiful place I call home
  • Step out of my comfort zone
  • Take on more challenges
  • Be Busy
  • Stop being so hard on myself
  • Treasure all relationships and  wonderful people in my life
  • Be Young and perhaps even be a little stupid
  • Laugh
  • And most importantly…

Look in the mirror and believe the girl staring back at me is wonderful. 

I have always struggled to see what others like about me. I often can’t see it. I often choose to shut it out or brush it off. So instead this year I want to challenge you and me to look in the mirror an believe that you are wonderful and treasured and loved. To realise that other people aren’t crazy for thinking you are an awesome person because the truth is you are crazy for thinking anything but. I am going to see the wonderful girl staring back at me.


What are you going to do in 2015?