The Lola Files #1

While I was away at University this year something dramatically changed the dynamic of my family…

Some may say I was replaced ….

But I say we welcomed another to the family. Meet our new puppy Lola!


Isn’t she the cutest thing ever????

Lola is a miniature dachshund and is now 6 months old. I like to refer to her as the tiny terror because she likes to cause chaos. For example, if it is fluffy it must be destroyed (including Christmas decorations…), if it is a bare foot then it needs to be licked, if it is a cat then it must be attacked and sat on. But before I convince you that she is horrible I will tell you a few of the numerous wonderful things about her. Lola squeaks with excitement when you get home even if you just went to the letterbox, she loves cuddles and is always happy to fall asleep in your arms and she thinks she is a guard dog which it super cute because she would be about 20cm tall.



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Welcome to the family Lola. I look forward to watching you get into plenty more mischief, just pretty please some my shoes some mercy.